HP Reveal (Aurasma)

"HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) changes the way we interact with the physical world. Discover augmented reality (AR) experiences, create your own AR, and share the magic with friends. It is available to anyone with an email address. Use augmented reality (AR) to turn everyday objects, images, and places into new, interactive experiences through striking graphics, animation, video, audio, and 3D content.”
Create augmented reality ‘auras’ based on the scene, chapter or book you are reading. Use the 3D models available in Aurasma, or record your own video or photo and attach this to the cover of the book or other target image. When you point the camera on your mobile phone or tablet at the target image when using the app you will see your ‘aura’. .

Instructional Videos

How do I share my creation to The Living Library?

  • Create or find your aura and attach to the target image
  • Name your aura
  • Add the aura to your Channel
  • When you finish creating your ‘aura' you can click 'Share' to send an URL (link) to you via email.
  • Copy the URL (link) from the email you receive
  • Paste the URL (link) into the media stream of the book on The Living Library
  • Other users can click on the link to see your target image and channel name. If they follow your channel and point their mobile device at the target image they will see the aura you created.
  • You can also print the QR code next to your post on The Living Library and attach this to relevant section of the physical book.

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