Soundcloud is a popular audio sharing platform typically used for podcasts or music. Users can easily record and upload their own audio using the app or via the website. You could record yourself reading a section of a book, or you could even write and record your own ending for a book. Another idea is to record a discussion about the characters or scenes in the book. Two great features of Soundcloud are that:

  • the audio is shown as a waveform so you can visually see your audio;
  • you can annotate/comment on your audio, this is useful for marking chapters or other information.

Instructional Videos

How do I share my creation to The Living Library?

Using the app

  • Sign in
  • Tap settings (3 horizontal bars)
  • Tap Record
  • Tap the microphone icon to start recording, tap again to stop recording
  • Tap Next, name your track, and set to Public
  • View your Public Profile
  • Tap options (3 horizonal dots)
  • Tap Share, then Copy to Clipboard
  • Paste the link in that book’s section of The Living Library

Using the website

  • Sign in
  • Record your audio on your computer
  • Click Upload, then select the file from your computer
  • Write a title and description, and set to Public
  • Click Save
  • The link will be shown on screen
  • Copy the link
  • Paste the link in that book’s section of The Living Library

User added media on Soundcloud

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