Google My Maps

Google My Maps is a tool which enables you to create custom maps highlighting locations on a Google map. You can add markers, draw shapes, add text notes, add photos, group items, and lots more.
The great thing is that you can even collaborate with other people so you could create and edit a map with others. You could use My Maps to mark and share information about the locations in a book. Or you could use it to record the locations and information about people in your reading group.

Instructional Videos

How do I share my creation to The Living Library?

  • Sign in via the website using your Google account
  • Go to the website and click ‘Get Started’, then ‘Create a new map’
  • Use the various functions to create your map. Don’t forget to add a title and description.
  • If you would like to collaborate with others then you can click ‘Share’ then invite them using their email address
  • To publish it, click ‘Share’ then change the access from Private to ‘On – Anyone with the link’
  • Copy the link
  • Paste the link in that book’s section of The Living Library
  • You now see your map embedded into that book

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