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  • Age 9 - 12
  • Hours 2 - 4


This lesson plan can implemented at any point during the reading of the book. However, implementing the lesson at the beginning of the reading, allows children to get familiar with the places that will be mentioned in the book.


The children read at home the first two chapters of the book. In the class there is a discussion about Fog's trip and the countries he visited. In groups they make a list with the cities and the countries he visited. They locate the countries on the map and the continent each country belongs to so they have on overview of Fog's trip. Then in groups of two or three students they work in the computer lab to create a virtual trip of Fog using the Tour Builder environment. The tool allows the students to locate the country on the globe and pin it. They can also add photos and text. The students after locating the country, add old photos of each city as it was at the time when Fog traveled. Afterwards they write Fog's journal. In the journal they include the thoughts, feelings and impressions of Fog of each city. They also include a few basic geographical information about each city.

Learning Objectives

  • be able to write a personal journal
  • work in groups
  • learn how to use the Tour Builder environment
  • be able to locate countries on the map and find basic geographical information about them

Tools & Equipment

  • Tour builder